Writing a book

Is There a Book in You?

Imagine: 5 days one-on-one, with two time best-selling and award-winning author Leslie Householder at a Private Mountain Cabin near Park City, Utah


Yes, you read that right. That's FIVE days learning from, and working with, the author of The Jackrabbit Factor in a private setting, in person... not on a telephone call, not with a group, not in an office... but just the two of you hunkered down for a week in nature, focused on writing -- a perfect environment for inspired ideas.


From Leslie Householder
Thursday, July 2, 2009 4:05 a.m.

Dear Applicants,

Since going by my gut feeling alone was giving me too many perfectly qualified candidates out of the 48 who responded to my invitation, I had to get a little scientific, just so I could narrow it down. 

Considering seven specific factors for creating the most successful experience possible, I re-poured over each application until 3 a.m., assigned a number from 0-4 for each of the primary categories on your applications, and came up with the following rank breakdown for the top 20 applicants.  (Scores are only displayed for the top 10.)


Top 4

First Name

Last Initial



















Alternates List

(Second alternate list is further down the page)


























We will soon email the top 4 with instructions on securing their place at one of the four one-on-one retreats in July, August, September, or October.   

Choice of month goes first to the applicant with the higher rank.  If any one of the applicants forfeits her opportunity, we’ll contact the next person on the list, and so forth.

If you're near the top and we cannot reach you within a reasonable amount of time, or if conditions for securing your spot are not met in time, we’ll move to the next candidate.

Second Alternates List:

(If candidates on the first alternate list cannot attend, the opportunity will be opened up to the following authors in this order.)

1. Joni L

2. Wendy R
3. Shawna J

4. Carol S

5. Lori T

6. Kellie B

7. Karie T

8. Silvia F

9. Katrina H

10. Sally D


* Understanding the Score

There were 7 categories, with a total possible of 4 points for each category.  (On a few occasions, I had to give extra credit where the candidate’s response warranted it.) The categories I used were:

1 - Based on it's topic, how marketable is the book, using the same kinds of strategies my team has tried and proven?  (Some books are best marketed with other strategies than the ones we’ve used.  A low score in this category does NOT mean you do not have a good book; it just means that you may have to pick and choose from the strategies we share to find the right ones for you.)

2 - Is the book empowering?  (The criteria here was whether the book idea as conveyed was: powerful/unique, powerful/not unique, useful/unique, or useful/not unique.)

3 - How relevant is the book to the Jackrabbit Factor sequel?  (With potential exposure to our audience, I determined whether your book seemed to have: same audience/same message, same audience/different message, close spinoff of the JF message, or distant spinoff of the JF message.  The more relevant your topic, the more likely you’ll profit from the exposure. Again, a low score in this category does not mean you do not have a good book, it just means that some of the benefits connected with this opportunity may not be as useful to you.)

4 - What is your mindset regarding the investment? (Regardless of how much money you presently have, did you show up as one who is: excited and ready to go, expectant of finding a way, hopeful of finding a way, leaving it primarily up to fate to provide a way, or doubtful.  As Garrett teaches, there are no risky investments, only risky people.  An investment may be good for one person if it puts them into an abundant mindset, while the same investment may be bad for another person because it puts them into a scarcity mindset.  The mindset has a greater effect on the outcome than any other factor, because decisions will be made along the way while you’re in the middle of it, and those decisions coming out of your mindset will either keep you on the path to prosperity, or put you on a path headed for failure.  I cannot in good conscience accept your money if this investment puts you into fear.  I also know that fear can be replaced with faith at any given moment, and is often kept that way on a moment to moment basis. That's the key.)

5 - Personality fit.  This is one of those more intuitive and less scientific pieces.  Did something about your words resonate with me?  Since we will be together for a whole week, do I feel like I will be able to be myself with you 100%? 

6 - How much do you consciously understand this opportunity?  Are you far enough along on your author’s path to recognize the significance of each benefit?  Is your reason for applying to spend time with a mentor, or have quiet work time away, or for the networking potential, or the possible exposure, or the marketing education... or all of the above?  (The more the author understands ahead of time, the more she’ll be able to get out of the investment.)

7 - How did I feel when I read the application?  This is the category that, to me, was the most important.  When there were ties in the score, I went back to the applications, got away from the details and evaluated my feelings.


Please don’t ask for details on the breakdown of your score.   I’ll keep my spreadsheet and we can discuss the details at the retreat if you come.

Thanks for your patience while I worked on this.  If you are one of the top 4 and you don’t want to wait for the email I’ll send you after I SLEEP IN...  then please send me a message letting me know you’ve seen this page.

I’m excited to go get a TON done with you!

All the best,



From Leslie Householder
July 1, 2009 - 7:02 pm

Dear applicants,

I am humbled by the response I've received for the mountain book-writing retreat. I had NO idea it would create this much of a stir, and some of the comments have put a big smile on my face while others have moved me to tears.

There were 48 people who responded to this invitation, and I have it narrowed down to the top 12 who I feel are most prepared for this kind of an opportunity.

The problem is, that there's more than just one of you with a book idea that I feel really good about!

So I had a pow-wow with Garrett and Trevan, and as I shared some of those ideas, it was unanimous - we have to do something to help MORE than just one of the applicants.

Since I'll have more work to get done even after the July retreat, I'm returning to the mountains 3 more times before November. I realize this won't accommodate ALL of the top 12, but at least I'll get to work one-on-one with more than just ONE.

(As of two hours ago, Michael Drew has agreed to offer a few more scholarships to his $2500 Book Publishing workshop, for all 4 of the top applicants who join me in the mountains between now and November. Yay! Thank you Michael!)

Now, I'm working on narrowing it down to the top 10. We'll identify the top 4, and put the other 6 on an alternate's list in case one of the 4 can't come during the week that is made available to them.

I will post the first names, last initials and rankings before I go to bed. (It might be a late night...)

If you have any questions or comments you want me to address or consider, simply send me an email. I'll respond as soon as I can.

To your success!


PS. In November I'll return to the mountains one more time for a small-group retreat for those who I feel are not quite ready for all the original opportunity has to offer, but who have a great book idea and who would benefit from the environment, time away from distractions, a smaller investment, the masterminding and the mentoring. Those invitations will go first to the remaining top applicants on the list. More info to come!


From Leslie Householder
Monday June 6, 2009

Dear Aspiring Author,

If you want to write a book that will improve the lives of people all over the world, the right ideas flow more freely in a beautiful and quiet environment.  Focus is critical, and best maintained when interruptions are at a minimum.

Believe me, with seven children, I KNOW.  ;)

What might otherwise take a year or two (or more!) can often be accomplished in just one sitting, if the conditions are right. I'd like to share with you a powerful forumula for maximum traction and momentum for writing a book, especially for people who "DON'T HAVE TIME!"

Now, I'm headed to the mountains for a week in July to work on the sequel to the Jackrabbit Factor. New York Times best selling author Garrett B. Gunderson* is my co-author, and he has offered to let me use his private cabin near Park City to work on the book in peace and quiet.

However, an author can go stir crazy and experience burnout if there isn’t just a little bit of variety sprinkled in. So, to ensure that there is more value created than if I were to just go alone, I will be utilizing those necessary breaks ...to help someone else get their own book on its way.  (When I'm away from my kids, I like to make every moment count.)

Will it be YOU?

Having the right person to be a sounding board is an indispensible piece of the process.  Masterminding, brainstorming, even some silliness now and then can really get the juices flowing! If your application is accepted, I'll be your sounding board as you create your book, and you'll also be a sounding board for me as I create mine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Leslie Householder

*Garrett Gunderson is a New York Times best-selling author who makes media appearances weekly and is known worldwide... keep reading because he's throwing in some other benefits that will blow your mind...

Ask Yourself:


Do I have a message that just needs to get out?


Has it been difficult to find a quiet place to write?


Can I work independently for extended periods of time?


 Is my message empowering, relevant, and unique?


Do I want to be promoted in Leslie's upcoming book?


arrow Do I want exposure to Leslie's subcriber base of 20,000?


Can I enjoy a good, inspiring movie in my pajamas? 


Do I enjoy nature?


Do I like chocolate?


If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, you are a prime candidate for this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Imagine getting “into the flow” and participating in the exciting process of creating a book.  Imagine, just you and Leslie, for five amazing days, overcoming obstacles together in the private cabin belonging to New York Times best selling author Garrett Gunderson. 

If you are selected, you’ll start this intensive process right away by first completing Garrett’s powerful Maximizing Mental Capital program ($1500 value), to help you prepare for a most effective and productive experience during the exclusive one-on-one week with Leslie in the mountains.

Mountain Retreat Workshop Agenda
July 27-31, 2009


Prior to July 27

Complete Garrett’s Maximizing Mental Capital homework assignment for optimum productivity at Leslie’s Mountain Retreat Workshop


Have a 30 minute private phone session with Garrett B. Gunderson on preparing your outline


Monday, July 27

Meet Leslie in SLC, UT and drive (approx. 1 hour) to the cabin together; set up personal workspaces and get started right away!


Monday - Friday

Write, write, and write some more! Enjoy "burnout breakouts" with empowering movies, nature walks, etc.  Brainstorm, discuss, and explore the best options for YOU in the writing process.  Get “next step” ideas to put you on course beyond this once-in-a-lifetime week with Leslie in the mountains. You'll even be a sounding board for Leslie as she hammers out her own final chapters in the Jackrabbit Factor sequel.  Be a part of the action!


Friday, July 31

            Wrap up and return to Salt Lake City together


November 12-14

Optional: come to Michael Drew's Book Publishing 2.0 Workshop in Sandy, Utah. Michael has taken 47 out of 47 of his clients to the New York Times best seller list, and knows what it takes to get there. His workshop is $2500 (Google it and you'll see), but if you are the one candidate who gets selected for this Mountain Retreat opportunity, you will receive a FREE VIP ticket to Book Publishing 2.0.


What you’ll get for your Mountain Retreat Workshop Investment:

"How Much Will This Cost?"

In order to create the right environment for maximum results, only ONE guest will be selected.  To hire Leslie as a personal coach/consultant for 5 days, around the clock, with nobody else competing for her time and attention, (not charging for sleeping hours), your investment would be at least $15,200.

Add 4 nights lodging, meals provided by a Personal Chef, transportation from and to Salt Lake City, Garrett's personal assistance and $1500 program prior to the retreat, and Michael Drew's $2500 workshop after the retreat... your total bill would exceed $19,450. However...

If you are the right match for this opportunity, your investment will be only $12,000.  Leslie and her husband have personally spent more than $150,000 on personal coaching and business training. She wishes she could have had an opporunity like this to help her in the early days. None of the programs she invested in ever offered this kind of value and personal attention to her book creation and marketing.

You will need your own laptop.  Internet service is available via wireless cellular access device, not included (Verizon is strong there).  Transportation to Salt Lake City, Utah and back to your home again is not included.

Request an Application Now 

"Don't Die with the Music Still In You"

Too many people take their great ideas to their graves... and the world they leave behind never gets to receive the benefit of their unique and much-needed message. You've been saying "one day I'll write that book," but what if "one day" never comes? What if your grandchildren never get to know the words that were in your heart, because they were buried with you when you died?

It has been said that the graveyard is the most valuable place on earth because it's filled with people who took their massive potential with them to the grave.

This scenario is not just a motivational story, but a true story about someone remarkable who died just a few years ago. Garrett Gunderson's close friend Les McGuire left a legacy behind when a small airplane crashed in Utah lake. What many people don't know, something Garrett wanted me to be sure to share with you, is that he HAD carved out some time to finally get his book written.

...but the plane crashed two weeks before that date, and his book was never written.

The world can never know what you have to say unless you put a priority on making it happen. It won't happen by accident, to be sure. It's almost guaranteed it won't be easy, but it will be worth the effort.

Your only enemy is procrastination. If something inside of you is urging you to take action on this, right now, fill out the application. Mark the dates on the calendar. If money is tight but you still feel compelled to apply, expect the way to appear. Make the sacrifice. Your book is a labor of love, and the people who need it most right now are being prepared, through their life experiences, to receive it. As you take those steps to bring it to them, they're also finding their way to you.

Let it happen!

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Time spent on a book is not limited to the actual minutes spent hitting the keys on your keyboard. Most of the time is spent closing your mind to distractions and focusing in on the concepts you want to convey. A small interruption pulls you out of "the zone", and returning to it is not as simple as returning your eyes to the computer screen. A 7-minute interruption can easily cost you 2-hours of productivity. If you value your time and know how important it is to make every minute count, you'll appreciate the time and money you'll save GETTING THINGS DONE at the cabin.

If you do not see this "investment in you" as a magnifier of your precious time and resources, but a drain on them instead, then it is not for you. Don't worry about filling out the application. Certainly this opportunity is not for everyone... it's only for someONE.

On the other hand, if you recognize this opportunity to be the very thing you've been looking for - a way to get your book out of your heart and into the hands of others - then....

Submit your application no later than Tuesday, June 30, 2009.  

If you are selected, your payment is due by close of business 5pm PST Friday, July 10th.  If full payment is not made on time, your position will be forfeited and opened up to the next qualified candidate on the alternate list. 

Hint: Here's What Leslie is looking for:

A self-confident, easy-going female; a self-starter with an empowering, relevant and unique message, who has an inspiring personal story, at least a little bit of experience speaking in front of a group, and who is READY and determined to make her book a reality!

To receive a no-obligation application, please enter your email address below and it will be delivered to your email box automatically, usually within a few minutes. Return your completed application no later than Tuesday, June 30.



Preliminary Homework: Maximizing Mental Capital

In addition to the 5 private days with Leslie Householder, you'll also receive Garrett B. Gunderson's personal assistance during a 30 minute private phone session, and the materials to work through his $1500 Maximizing Mental Capital program as homework prior to the week at the cabin.

Maximizing Mental Capital

This is focused on turning your mental capital into cash flow. It contains seven sets of exercises that correspond to each of the seven stages of The Mental FastTrack.

You will be addressing how to take your mental capital and make it financially productive. Your unique mental capital represents one of your most valuable resources. The exercises in this workbook will help you unleash and maximize that potential. Specifically, you’ll be learning how to:

• Generate and utilize relationship capital, mental capital, and financial capital to launch your book successfully

• Identify smarter and more efficient ways of creating, selling, leveraging, and positioning your book

• Use tools and systems to efficiently create your book

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Bonus Workshop: Book Publishing 2.0 additional information

In addition to Garrett's personal preliminary assistance, and the 5 private days with Leslie Householder, you'll also receive a VIP pass to the Book Publishing 2.0 workshop with Michael Drew in November (12-14th).

Book Publishing 2.0

This workshop is $2500 for those who pay per day, or $2000 for those who commit early to all 3 days... but YOU will get to attend for FREE, thanks to Garrett Gunderson (who is a personal friend with Michael Drew, a man who has helped 47 out of 47 clients take their book to New York Times bestseller status).

This workshop is so good, there will be a number of people- already NY Times best selling authors- who are coming as participants to learn how to take their books to the next level. This is HIGH LEVEL, insider information.

Writing and promoting a book is not for the faint of heart.  So, come to the writers’ course for a quick lift to fulfill your purpose in writing your book.

We’ll show you more than just how to be a better writer.  With these superior techniques, we’ll help you lead your niche. 

Michael Drew’s insights and understanding provide clarity on how the complex publishing landscape functions, while providing a framework to help you achieve your publishing goals. If you are publishing a non-fiction book, Michael's seminar is a must-attend event.” —— Rich Christiansen, Entrepreneur and SEO expert of castlewave.com

Our master techniques will take you to the top with—
•    Writing techniques that appeal to different personas
•    Blogging strategies that target specific personality types
•    Marketing processes that employ the latest technology

Meet Michael Drew, Dave Young, Chris Maddock, and Mark Effinger—our expert, experienced 4-man team — can do to help you help others with your expertise.

“Michael Drew’s course has been the most benefical workshop I have participated in many years.  One 30 minute exercise gave me clarity, direction, and confidence.  I never imagined I could get such an emotional high from writing.” —— Russ Hardesty, PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach

Join the growing ranks of delighted authors who have been thrilled by and have grown successful from taking our course.

Our professional, science-based, proven processes will transform your book into its most efficient and thoroughly effective form.

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Remember, a ticket to this $2500 workshop is yours free if you are selected to join Leslie at the cabin near Park City Utah July 27-31, 2009. Request your application now!