To CELEBRATE this week's massive progress with the School of Life Mastery beta program,
we're doing something unprecedented:

We're sorry, this offer has expired.

But wait... you can still participate in this program!

Let me show you how YOU can set and achieve ANY goal

Discover How to
Enlist, Recognize, and Trust your Intuition

...that inner voice that dependably shows you the way to success.

Based on the principles contained in the international, award-winning and bestselling book, this 8-week Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse takes your understanding (and ability to come out on top in tough economic times), to the next level.

More knowledge = more peace of mind.
More peace of mind = more faith.  
More faith = more power to achieve seemingly impossible goals!

In this 8-week Ecourse, be transformed as you discover:
 How a catastrophe can be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  The real reason you may be broke and...
  ...what to do about it to improve your life forever!
 Where the money will come from?
 How long will you have to wait for relief from your problems?
 What's the "vacuum law" (and how can it get you new carpet)?
 What’s the most powerful force in the universe and how to harness it!
 How to become a success magnet...
 ...And much, much more!

Wednesday 8:55 a.m. June 10, 2009

"I'm SO excited about this! My husband and I were completely TRANSFORMED by watching your stick man video, and at some point we'll write a really amazing testimonial for you about what happened to us before & after we watched it. We are set to buy the FTMF program, but with your email about this, I think I know why we've waited a bit.

When will the budget-friendly FTMF program become available? I want to be the first to know, and buy it! For now, we will purchase this JackRabbit Ecourse and be even more transformed.

I have to share that pure inspiration led me to your site, and I literally stayed up all night long & into the morning (5:30 am!!) being SO inspired I was on fire with what you shared. We have been looking for exactly what you offer for YEARS, but of course we never found it until we found you! Thank you for your dedication, tireless efforts, time, patience, devotion, and love in sharing this transformational information! What a blessing you are! Can't wait for the School of Life Mastery!!!!" ~Julie

With the Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse...

You'll receive more than 150 pages of downloadable information (the Jackrabbit Factor ebook AND Hidden Treasures ebook), PLUS 20 additional powerful follow-up lessons delivered to your email box over the next 2 months.  

If you've already read the books, then you've got a head start, and will learn so much more as I pull things out that most people don't "get" the first time!  

If you haven't read the books, then this ecourse is the perfect next step.

"PLUS, if you complete the course, and can answer THREE questions correctly at the end, you'll also receive a bonus audio reserved JUST for ecourse alumni."

~ Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor

Although our special promotion has expired, this transformational program is still available
for a one-time fee of only $39


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